Thanksgiving Wine

To choose a wine for Thanksgiving dinner can be a challenge. But it’s not worth getting all worked up since we are not trying to impress the wine geek. We only want to be sure we give Tom Turkey the respect he deserves.

The variety of foods we serve for Thanksgiving dinner range from the proteins to the vegetables and the sweet/tart cranberry sauce.

These flavors need a wine that is fruit forward and bright acidity.  This balance of flavors will compliment both the food and wine.

A good pairing with the light or dark meat of the turkey is a sparking Shiraz from Australia which has bright berry flavors and balanced tannins.

The release on Thursday of the Beaujolais Nouveau is sometimes marketed as a Thanksgiving wine.  The Beaujolais is reviewed as an easy drinking red wine that is light and fruity.  It’s an inexpensive wine and if you are new to wine this might be the wine to choose.

Here are a few more pairing suggestions to enjoy with family and friends:

Brunch and the Parade: a sparkling wine is a refreshing and light celebratory drink that is perfect to start the day.

Dessert: a sweet wine such as Moscato d’Asti, an off-dry Riesling, or demi-sec sparkling wine — the wine should be as sweet or sweeter than the dessert.

Aperitif: Pour an ounce of Campari on the rocks with a splash of seltzer. Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy the football game.


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