Trivia, Wine and Happy Holiday!

The most popular style of wine purchased for New Year celebrations is what everyone calls Champagne but most often it is actually a sparkling wine. It’s the best choice economically since French Champagne is most often expensive.

You can purchase a sparkling wine that some winemakers produce by using the Méthode Champenoise which is how French Champagne is made. Even if the sparkling wine is made in the same way Champagne is made it is not a Champagne.

In order for the wine to be labeled Champagne the grapes must be grown in the Champagne region in France and must be made/produced also in  the  region of Champagne.

Did You Know? —  Mark Twain once said: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.”

New Year Traditions & Sparkling Wine

Cava is Spain’s Sparkling Wine. It is an excellent value and can be served with any meal any time of the year. One of the New Year’s Eve traditions in Spain is to make a toast with a glass of Cava and a handful of grapes.

It is said that you will have a year of good luck if you eat one grape with each chime of the clock striking midnight and then wash it down with Cava.   Sounds like fun and who couldn’t use a little more luck these days.

Cava comes is varying styles from dry — brut (extra dry), seco (dry); to sweet — semi-seco (medium) and dulce (sweet); and it comes either white or pink.   There is definitely a style for everyone to enjoy.   In some areas of the U.S. Cava is under $12.

Many other countries besides Spain produce sparkling wines. This is a list of the most popular sparkling wines available in the U.S.   Sekt is from Germany  —  Spumante, as well as Prosecco  (a Frizzante) is from Italy  —  and Crémant is France’s sparkling wine.

Just one more interesting tradition.  In Chile on New Year’s Eve a gold ring is dropped into a glass of sparkling wine and then of course they drink it, carefully (don’t want to lose the ring). The gold ring is a symbol of prosperity.

Happy New Year!

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