Marshmallow Witches

Marshmallow Witches an easy Halloween DIY to do with kids. #halloween #witches #kidsinthekitchen #diy #nocook

A Halloween DIY treat you can make with the kids. These are great for a party or make only a couple at a time for a snack.


Use as many or few marshmallows as you wish. We made these throughout the month making only 6 or 7 at a time.


  1. Lay out the marshmallows, chocolate wafer cookies and chocolate kisses.
  2. Place the mini chocolate chips in a small dish.
  3. Make a little royal icing with powdered sugar and water – about 2 Tablespoons of powdered sugar and a drop or two of water is enough to glue the pieces on to the marshmallows.
  4. Place a drop of icing on top of marshmallow and immediately place a chocolate cookie on to. Let it dry for a minute or two.
  5. Unwrap the kisses and place a drop of icing on the bottom of the kiss and place on to the cookie.
  6. Let that dry.
  7. Using a toothpick place a drop of icing on the bottom of the mini chips and place on the front of the marshmallow for the eyes and nose.


The yield on this DIY Halloween Marshmallow Witches is based on how many marshmallows you will use. It’s all up to you. Make dozens or just a few. It’s a fun fall DIY #kidsinthekitchen project.

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