Churros Recipe

Churros recipe is an easy to make snack for Cinco de Mayo or any game day. Click thru for easy recipe. #churros #snack #cincodemayo #partyfood

This Churros Recipe is an easy snack for any occasion, game day, snow day or any day. This is a great Super Bowl dessert to make as well.



  1. Pour about 1 inch avocado oil in frying pan and heat to 350 degrees. Have it ready so you can add the dough as soon as it’s hot.
  2. Mix flour and baking powder in a small bowl and set aside.
  3. Heat water, butter, salt and sugar to boil. Immediately add the flour mixture and stir until mixture forms ball. Remove from heat.
  4. Put dough in either a pastry bag with a star tip or use a plastic freezer bag and cut one corner off about ½″ to ¾″ to pipe the dough into the hot oil. Make the strips approximately 4 inches long, or a length you desire.
  5. Cook in the hot oil until lightly browned and turning to be sure they are evenly browned. They cook quickly – approx. 2 minutes – but it depends on the thickness of the dough.
  6. Drain churros on paper towels and while still hot roll in the cinnamon and sugar mixture.

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