Family Friendly Spiced Hot Apple Cider

Family Friendly Spiced Hot Apple Cider, easy to make anytime during holidays. Click thru for easy recipe. #hot #applecider #familyfriendly #winter #drinks

Family Friendly Spiced Hot Apple Cider is easy to make especially during the winter holidays when we entertain more than the rest of the year. Yes, you can make your cocktails family friendly with no fussing or special ingredients. It’s nice to have a simple bar set up that is well stocked with fruit juices, sparkling water or club soda, ginger ale, and of course for those who enjoy something a little different add some sparkling wine or fruit liquors.



  1. Add all the ingredients into the pot. Heat to boiling and then reduce heat to simmer for approximately 10 minutes.
  2. When ready to serve strain the hot cider to remove the peels and spices. Serve Hot.

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