Family Friendly Strawberry Orange Cooler

Family Friendly Strawberry Orange Cooler a refreshing spring & summer drink for any occasion. #familyfriendly #summer #drinks #freshfruit

Family Friendly Strawberry Orange Cooler is easy to make for your Spring entertaining. It’s delicious and a ‘good for you’ drink. A refreshing fresh fruit drink with added sparkling water to celebrate any occasion. Or just cool down on warm summer day.



  1. In a blender add the filtered water and all but 1 cup of the frozen strawberries. Blend until smooth. Pour the blended fruit juice through a fine strainer to remove most of the seeds.
  2. Pour the strained strawberries into a large pitcher and add the fresh squeezed orange juice. Stir well and then add the sparkling water, just enough not to dilute the fruit flavors. Taste and then stir in the maple syrup and stir well to blend.
  3. Pour into tall glasses over ice and add a few strawberries to each glass with a slice of orange to serve.

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