Fresh Fruit Bruschetta Appetizer or Dessert Recipe

Fresh Fruit Bruschetta Appetizer or Dessert. So easy to make the kids can help. Click thru for details. #fresh #fruit #bruschetta #appetizer #dessert #easyrecipe

Fresh Fruit Bruschetta Appetizer or Dessert recipe is an easy recipe for entertaining. Use your favorite seasonal fruits that are available. A healthy snack or a light dessert any time.



  1. Wash all the fruit and set aside
  2. Lay out the crackers on a platter
  3. Slice the fruit to a size that fits on the cracker – OR – chop fruit and place in serving bowls
  4. Spread 1 tsp. cream cheese on each cracker or slice of bread
  5. Place the fruit on each prepared cracker or bread slice
  6. OR Add the serving bowls with the chopped fruits to a platter with a basket of crackers/bread/or pound cake.
  7. Serve within 30-45 minutes


Make fresh fruit bruschetta just before serving. The moisture from the fruit will make the crackers and/or bread a bit soggy if they are sitting on the table too long.

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