Easy Homemade Apple Sauce Recipe

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Easy Homemade Apple Sauce recipe is a delicious DIY recipe to make with the abundance of fall apples. This is a great #cookingwithkids basic recipe. They will enjoy helping and tasting to make this easy recipe.



  1. Peel and cut the apples into cubes adding them to the lemon water.
  2. When all the apples are cut drain the water and then add the apples to a sauce pan.
  3. Cook the apples on medium heat and stir occasionally until they begin to soften.
  4. Taste the apples for sweetness and add the lemon zest and brown sugar if needed.
  5. Continue to cook over medium heat until the apples are soft (15-30 minutes depending on how many apples and how small you chopped the apples).
  6. Remove from heat and let cool.
  7. Using a potato masher, or a food mill, mash the apples until desired consistency. We like a chunky apple sauce the potato masher works fine. If you like a smother applesauce then a high speed blender or food processor will be the tool to use – based on texture preference.
  8. Taste the apple sauce and add spices as desired.


The yield for this recipe will vary based on the number of apples you have.

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